Urban Shades Collection

Urban Shades Collection

We live in a time of change and a time of new beginnings. We have been tested, forced to make choices, to choose which side to take, to take a position. To get involved, to be proudly ourselves and to feel free to express who we are.

This is the background that inspires URBAN SHADES, the new Fanola collection, whose protagonists are “Fanola Girls”, three girls with different styles and personalities, but with a common soul.

Cosmopolitan women, projected towards the future, in constant evolution.








Every #fanolagirl has a style and a story to tell. She wants to express her personality and she does it through color and creativity. She is free to live the life she wants, and she does it with her head held high, choosing her own nuance in the world. There are three personalities that gave life to the moods of URBAN SHADES:Flash Flow,  Glam Glow  e Bubbly Blow.





Flash Flow


She is a creative, ambitious and fashionable woman who enjoys the urban environment and its dynamism with awareness and originality.




Glam Glow


A trend-conscious girl who is perfectly immersed in the glam world and fascinated by the city lights. Sexy, bold and aware – her positivity and charm make her absolutely irresistible.




Bubbly Blow


Radiant and spontaneous – the Bubbly Blow girl loves to play and is mindful that life must be lived and in fact, she does not keep back. She is outgoing and creative, she loves music and art, and she fits in the dynamic and alternative street style environment.



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