Our Values

Inclusivity is a value we hold very close to our hearts at Fanola. We aim to share the notion of individual freedom and expression of all types of beauty. We promote the message of inclusive beauty, and enable anyone to showcase their personalities by endlessly and creatively playing with colours and shades.

Creativity to share!

Fanola is a young, high-spirited and future-oriented brand. 

Its DNA can be summarised in 3 keywords:

COLOR CREATIVITY SHARING COLOUR is the core of the Brand, it being the ultimate aim and the means for expressing dynamism and liveliness.

Through colour, Fanola affirms its creativity, the will to dare and to overcome stereotypes, moving the concept of beauty one step beyond each day.

It is a social native brand, a trend setter constantly on the lookout for new inspirations to give rise, every day, to original, surprising and wow-effect creations to share with others.

Creative Directors

Meet the men behind Contrasto group- our Creative Directors, Antonio Aliberti and Mario Stirpe. Their vast experience and know-how built through years of experience as Creative Directors allows them to not only direct the brand, but also push technical and creative input of colour personality, new fashion and trend monitoring.