NO MORE – The new disciplining treatment for a long lasting styling

NO MORE – The new disciplining treatment for a long lasting styling

Less is more


People have been shaping earth and water since ancient times. Now Fanola No More is using the same ingredients to shape female beauty, with a new range of products to nourish, condition, detangle and style coarse, unruly and frizzy hair for longer. No more has a truly unique patent based on an essential ingredient that comes from the land: l’Argilla.


The small selection of products is the perfect match for a time when more and more people want to keep things simple and go back to basics. This is summed up by its enticing name: NO MORE. The name encapsulates the idea behind the ‘No More’ line: No more unnecessary ingredients (it only contain indispensable, highly effective ingredients), no more synthetic ingredients (its products are completely silicone-free) and no more wasting water (tests have shown that less water is required to rinse out No More products, thus ensuring that they are more sustainable). Greater benefits are available with fewer products. There are just two of them: a shampoo and a mask, for perfect, 100% vegan styling. The formulas are 99% natural. They provide more control even though they need to be left in for less time, and they are better for your hair, with shorter drying times.





The secret lies in the Active MiraClay Technology. The technology is based on clay, which is a natural ingredient. It penetrates the cuticles of hair and reduces the irregularities that can be found there, especially in damaged hair. Clay also helps to reduce electrostatic charges in hair, so the individual strands of hair do not repel each other to such a great extent. All of this helps to control volume and ensure that the hair fibres are more aligned. The rich cosmetic formula of The Styling Mask only needs to be left in for two minutes but it offers exceptional moisturizing and softness. It controls volume and reduces drying times, for easier styling with longer lasting results.


For optimum performance from this innovative mask, Fanola recommends using it in tandem with The Prep Cleanser: silicone-free shampoo with a high percentage of natural ingredients. Its powerful cleansing properties remove mineral and resin impurities from the shafts and prepare hair for the subsequent treatment, keeping locks light and clean for longer. Ideal for coarse, unruly and frizzy hair (including coloured, pre-lightened and processed hair), Fanola No More is perfect for nourishing, conditioning, detangling and styling hair for longer in salons and at home.

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