COLOR ZOOM : Fanola and the thousands colours of diversity

COLOR ZOOM : Fanola and the thousands colours of diversity

We are now experiencing the era of transformations, changes and metamorphoses, characterised by a growing desire to express ourselves freely, free from the weight of judgement, showing our identities and our countless peculiarities. The new generations struggle to be defined as a gender and reject any kind of stereotypes or categories; they prefer to be gender fluid, with no conditioning, uncomfortable or out-of-date conventions. Today's need is to tell about oneself through one's own image, freely experimenting with new boundaries to find one's own dimension as an individual in the world.

Using colours, Fanola wants to share the unconventional subject of freedom of expression and experimentation with its community; the message is to interpret one's personality playing with overlapping and creative colours and shades.

ColorZoom was developed by Fanola to cater to the needs of a market more and more focussed on Fast Cosmetics. It's a new range of professional colouring creams able to achieve best results in only 10 minutes.

The issue at the heart of the campaign is a key part of Fanola’s DNA: freedom of expression and experimentation. Everyone can find their ideal shade thanks to the original, unorthodox colour selection, which conveys boundless love for life.









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