The professional cosmetic programme with microactive 24 carat gold, Keratin and Argan Oil for enhancing all types of hair that gives extraordinary brightness, silkiness and lustre, restructuring hair and fighting free radicals.

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Oro Puro Shampoo

100ml, 350ml, 1000ml

Oro Puro Shampoo makes hair silky and splendid like gold, giving body and lightness. Ideal for eliminating the frizz effect and split ends, fighting the
formation of free radicals and carries out a restructuring action.

Use: apply a few drops on damp hair then dry or, for a quicker effect, directly on dry hair. Do not rinse. The product is rapidly absorbed and does not leaves residues.

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Oro Gold Activator

10VOL, 20VOL, 30VOL, 40VOL | 150ml, 1000ml

Enriched with Micro-Active Gold and Argan Oil, this specific cream formula enhances the treating, restructuring and emollient action of the active ingredients and guarantees the maximum cosmetic action of the colour result.

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Oro De-Color Keratin Bleaching Powder

500g, 12x75g

Ideal for carrying out streaks, bleaching, decolouring and all other lifting techniques. Its specific non-volatile formulation reduces risks of irritation and sensitivity. It lifts up to 7 tones, and can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide at 10 vols (3%), 20 vols (6%), 30 vols (9%), 40 vols (12%). Do not use under heat sources.

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Oro Color Keratin Oro Puro


Available in over 70 different shades, Oro Puro is formulated with Argan Oil, Gold, and Keratin to guarantee maximum grey cover, leaving hair brilliant, soft, hydrated, and protected.

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Oro Therapy Mask

300ml, 1000ml

Ideal for natural, colored and highlighted hair and is ideal for restoring brilliance in-between professional colouring services and to illuminate dull and lifeless hair with intense tones.

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